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Year 2,009, year of a calendar judeocristiano of “ corrupt Popes ” (usuary of the PECA-CONFIESA, that does not pass anything), made up by the greed of the churches and religions Jewish and judeocristianas (of infantile, false and impossible beliefs and therefore fraudulent), and imposed by its power the humanity, when despising the old religions, worthy, serious, classic and old cultures and towns of the east of Europe, North Africa and next East, like Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Sumerian (Sumer), etc, etc, with thousands of years of knowledge that with impunity burned in the name of their assumption “ God ” Jew.
Still in this year, that controlled and directed pro-government physical science in the shade, to its image and similarity (fantasiosas, false and fraudulent theories, like relativistic or the mecano-quantum ones), by those fantasiosas, fanatics and malditas religions and churches of Jewish origin (they do not deserve respect by the infinite damage that have done to the people and the towns of Europe and America during centuries), peculiarly, still does not know because, nor like, petroleum in the planet was originated.
Petroleum is “ liquid natural oily and inflammable, constituted by a hydrocarbon mixture that is extracted of continental or marine geologic beds. By means of diverse operations of distillation and refining, different usable products with power or industrial aims are obtained: Gasoline, Kerosene, Gasoline, Gasohol, etc. ”
But, which is its origin? And, why it is important to determine his origin? The understanding of the origin of petroleum is a crucial element in the design of success strategies on hydrocarbons and their production. This knowledge is also important for the calculation of the resources and the reserves, and to predict the possible future provision.
During century XX, with an almost absolute monopolizing of sciences, the physics, the life and the cosmos, and with the blind eyes of the governing politicians of Europe and America, by the ignorance, and to surround by scientific advisers devotee ecclesiastics, greedy and ignorant Jews and corrupt judeocristianos of unique thought, chusqueros and in the shade of the power scientist-monk, era of organic origin prevailed the false knowledge that petroleum, that is due to the rest and remainders of vegetables and animal died per millenia and million years, on the Earth surface. And everything, because his booklets, that says that they are divine (but is false and fraudulent), like those of the summary of “ torá ” Jewish or the one of “ judeocristiana bible ”, mentions that a universal deluge as a result of the infantile and absurd wrath of “ God existed ” (the clear Jew), to punish to “ sinful men ” (like it is possible, without being absurd, “ vindictive God ” that kills unpunished and deliberately to innocent men, women and children), thus being useful, to put in the things of science to justify necessary a universal catastrophe, that she justified as well, a loss of life multi-thousand-millionaire who made it possible, obtaining in addition, to equal science and religion, since they come doing from centuries (at least trying), to increase its credibility, to the eyes of which they do not have the knowledge necessary to distinguish between the truth and the lie, and between the dignity and the fraud.
And all we, the new generations and those of our parents and grandparents, had it to us to believe without rechistar, as if it was truth, and because among others things, never our opinion was had, nor considers, nor our knowledge, that always depends on these greedy ones of unique thought, by imposition.
However, for decades it is being made notice another theory, that it comes mainly from scientists of the north of Europe (Russia), on nonbiotic the abyssal origin (abiotic, abyssal, endogenous, inorganic, mineral, fundamental) or from abiogénico origin of the petroleum, that recognizes that petroleum is original of deep origin, that has arrived through eruptions at the Earth crust.
But those that defend this theory, still being able to take reason, cannot justify because average and methods east petroleum could form, when at present, with all the possible technological means, it has not been possible to secure any retort in any laboratory of the world.
Among others things also, because has been petroleum to “ flower of very cerquita skin ” and of the terrestrial surface to little depth by everybody, and this are incompatible with the high temperatures and pressures that must have at the previous moments to its liquefaction and its origin, and mainly, having a very hot terrestrial surface, that was incompatible with the necessary watertightness required, by where that petroleum could leave to the outside in steam state in the absence of oxygen, for later, with the cold, to be condensed or no, in the terrestrial surface, but never underneath the same.
In any case, these deficiencies of reasoning in the justification of their theories, never occur in that corrupt religious pro-government science and domesticated, it blinds and lack of knowledge of “ divine deluge ”, because they do not have necessity to justify nothing at mechanist level, since they assume, are “ works and wise decisions ” of their “Jewish God”, that does not need justification, reason why do not admit another knowledge, nor another science.
The bad thing will be, when after deceiving the humanity with its pro-government physical science, cradle in the divine creacionismo, as it is happening with the false and erroneous interpretation of the artificial fueguecillos of the LHCs, where nonly-compressible or they hope to find “ God boson ” (the clear Jew), based on a lucubration of 45 years ago of a certain Higgs without much sense, is that their Jewish God, is false, does not exist and in addition it is impossible, as or predicts the new Unified Theoretical Physics.
In any case, these two theories, are still mere lucubrations, although separated by false, servile, greedy, fraudulent and miserable the beliefs fanatical religious, that to many people with knowledge, already they disgust by unworthy.
In order to be able, not only to accept, but to enunciate a theory on a phenomenon of the matter, the life or the cosmos, either this one or others, it is necessary to know to mechanist level as I could be realised from its origin, and does not serve a mere belief or lucubration, by religious very supposedly divine that is, among other things, because or it demonstrates that the chance or those divinities, does not exist, nor is possible.
It is by that, already the new Unified Theoretical Physics of the Cónido Foundation of Madrid, made a will during 13 years successfully at mechanist level with the phenomena known the matter, the life and the universe, keeps awake as it is that process of operation of the origin of petroleum and the life, as “ can be seen in the book ENERGY. INEXHAUSTIBLE SOURCES OF ENERGY ” and as we come debating in the conferences that we distributed on the same.
By the way, the title of this book corresponds upon presentment of the design of the new machines of erogación of almost inexhaustible energy RME (electrical energy), based on these new theories of the physics, that they obey to a single and unique mathematical model of evolution of the matter, as a result of the conference that we gave in the COITIM of Madrid makes a pair of years.
And as it can be seen in the same, the origin of petroleum is due to a characteristic of the matter and to a phenomenon of the Solar System. The characteristic, is what we essentially called “ thermal mutation ” that theoretically undergoes all the molecules (and their atoms), of the basic elements of the matter, according to the external characteristics and the value of environmental magnitudes, like the pressure, the temperature or the gravity, among others.
At the time of their origin, all the elements of the periodic table were endothermic, at present, as it is possible to be verified, no. This prevented that they did not exist, neither combustible, nor supporters of combustion, reason why, the water or the ammonia for example, could be formed, nor be originated, but however, all the seaplane-carbo-nitro-oxygenated compounds generally, like petroleum, amino acids, proteins and hydrocarbons generally, yes.
And those basic elements left the interior of the Earth, where they were mixed, according to this one were cooled off, which justifies that has been petroleum anywhere of the world, more in the equatorial and tropical zones (centrifugal energy) and even underneath the sea and of the oceans, in spite of having a densidad smaller than the water.
Therefore, in a while of the age of the Earth, an enormous amount of macro-molecules based on the hydrogenation of carbon existed, arose the DNA, the nucleotides and the bacteria, but water did not exist, nor either free oxygen. And then, it happened a global catastrophic phenomenon in the planet, a shock of a satellite like the water Moon, loaded and ice (1), that cooled the terrestrial surface almost suddenly, hardening it, which produced a certain air tightness suddenly for the liquids and gases of its interior, and in addition, I flood the Earth of the water that in the form of ice transported.
Of this form the great amount of petroleum to our disposition was preserved, avoiding its escape and its loss, and it is justified that petroleum exists underneath the oceans and of the sea. This petroleum, the water, the macro-molecules and the bacteria later, originated what now we see.
Therefore, the origin and existence of the petroleum and macro-molecules of the life, are only consequence of a characteristic of all the atoms and molecules of the matter like “ thermal mutation ”, and the so enormous amount of found petroleum, is consequence of the immense catastrophe of the shock of the Moon with the Earth.
Consequently, it must of being very certain that, it exists petroleum and vestiges of life like bacteria in small relative amounts, in planets next to the Earth, like Venus and Mars, although they will serve for great thing, because does not exist there, neither water, nor oxygen (at least in the necessary amounts), and to bring it up to here, would be a folly, considering that the next energy of the humanity, will be the machines of almost inexhaustible energy RME.
However, this new outcrop of knowledge of this new Unified Theoretical Physics, agrees in addition, that in these few past years since these facts (2), considering that the age of the planet Earth from its external 5,700 ºC, is only near 10 million years, the amount of oxygen generated and spilled by the oceans, trees and plants to the atmosphere, cannot be very great, reason why, agrees with the calculations that on the atmospheric pressure we have given recently, and demonstrates in addition and also, that were originated to the experiment of the inquisidor Jesuit Torricelli (guardian of the arrested Galileo by “ vaticanista catholic inquisición ” judeocristiana), an error only went, when not considering the forces of the emptiness originated by the interaction of atoms and molecules with the glass tube, that reduce that Earth atmospheric pressure, as already we said and we calculated, of 1,033 gr/cm2, to only 480 gr/cm2 (3).
As we see, luckily, this new Unified Theoretical Physics, is like a new booklet (nondivine logically), that already it explains the operation of the matter, the life and the universe accurately, for benefit of the humanity.
(1) Like those TNOs satellites (transneptunian), that already have verified also their water composition in the form of ice recently like in Xena, UB313 and others (Javier Licandro, expert in transneptunian objects of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands).
(2) Hace 92,000 years, the Earth would have close by of being almost plastic with a skin temperature 70 ºC (30·40.471/23=52.778), that would give a plastic consistency him sufficient to amortize the almost perpendicular shock of an immense satellite like the Moon, and above, to make it bounce with very little kinetic energy, that in addition, was sufficient to be restrained by the gravitational energy of the planet Earth later, to a prudential distance, and without turn on its axis.
(3) Ver:
FCO MORENO MECO -- Engineer and Scientist --